Discover Yourself in Sierra Leone.

There was a time, not so long ago, when Sierra Leone was racing up the charts of “must see” destinations for the discerning and adventurous tourist.

They came to enjoy the country’s unique natural beauty, to sit on secluded white sandy beaches, to climb through unspoilt rainforests and to wade through refreshing waterfalls.

This trend was abruptly interrupted by the horrific civil war which ended in 2002.In many ways, nothing has changed. The Sierra Leoneans are still as receptive as ever to outsiders and the landscape remains a lush tropical paradise.

Alas, most of the visitors have now gone because of the image left by the war, and much of the tourism infrastructure needs rebuilding after years of conflict but this is changing. A new generation of explorers are once again arriving on its unrivaled beaches keen to discover what we believe to be “The essence of Africa”.

Nowhere else on earth can a tourist enjoy a beach holiday and totally unwind, free of interference from broadband messaging, daily international newspapers, 24 hour satellite TV and yet appreciate the world’s best beaches and tropical rain forests and safari. Sierra Leone is the ultimate soul-cleansing and unwinding of holiday experiences.

Put simple it’s all too easy to fall in love Sierra Leone, its welcoming and hospitable citizens are its greatest asset. Its flora & fauna, its beaches, food and wildlife are unrivaled.

“I have been accused of inventing a country called Greenland: a world of children’s laughter and majestic birds who, by cracking their wings swoop down from on high: on red earth tracks which turn a pinkish hue in the light of dusk.
This wonderful country exists: SIERRA LEONE”

Graham Greene
Freetown, November 4th 1971

Sierra Leone, in its present state is not for everybody – that day will come all too soon we hope. But for the open minded tourist who can take the rough with the smooth and things as they are Sierra Leone will be a most rewarding experience. Sierra Leone is addictive, what it lacks in comforts it more than compensates for natural beauty and human dignity.

Smile! Your in Sierra Leone!

Once upon a time Sierra Leone was a prosperous nation and it was championed as the blueprint of a successful West Africa nation. Thousands came from the sub-region to be educated at its outstanding institutions. Tourists came from the world over to get a taste of this beautiful country and the lifestyle of its warm and dignified people.

However, one day, it all went wrong. In truth, the civil war was to destroy what was left of the already crumbling economy and dash the fragile hopes of the Sierra Leonean people who wished for a brighter future.

Seven years have passed since the end of the war and Sierra Leone is looking to make up for lost time. It has a democratically elected government and a stable economy which is a pre-requisite for economic growth.

Come and discover “Salone” with us.

Seamus Whooley
Managing Director – yoursierraleone.com

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